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I love good food and eating well.  I like my food to be local, seasonal and organic. Good nutrition isn't hard. It is the foundation of good health.  Our food sustains our blood, bones, organs at a cellular level and even our thoughts. If our food is unhealthy, it’s no wonder we become unhealthy. Processed foods are full of chemicals, antibiotics, and genectically modified ingredients. Just eat real food. Real Ingredients.                                                     "Let food be thy Medicine and Medicine be thy Food" ~ Hippocrates


Because it smells so good.  

Homemade Celery Salt

For the "secret" ingredient in your best dishes.

This recipe is for the mediterranean in you.

Delicious Creamy Hummus

A creamy smooth hummus with a hint of mint and yogurt.  This won't last long on any table.  

A recipe for Elderberry Syrup because who wants the flu.

Elderberry Syrup

Elderberry Syrup contains high levels of vitamins A, B and C and boost the immune system.

This recipe for Bone Broth is immune boosting liquid gold. 

Bone Broth

Bone broth can improve digestion, allergies, immune health, brain health and can help reduce cellulite by improving connective tissue, increase hair growth/strength, improve digestive issues and remineralize teeth.

This recipe for Angel Eggs is heavenly.  

Looking for a great snack to take along to a party.  These are my famous angel eggs.  They never stay on the platter long.  

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