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Coming Down With the Flu?

Just this past Sunday my daughter was not feeling well. She had no appetite, was tired all day and a little achy. By 8pmish. Yes, that is a word. She was running a very low grade fever of about 100. So, I whipped up some elderberry syrup and within a half hour of sipping on some she looked 50% better. I told her she would have to stay home from school on Monday and rest in bed all day. Next morning, she had no fever and I gave her some chicken bone broth for breakfast and for lunch. By mid afternoon her appetite was back and I gave her a banana for a snack and by dinnertime she was 100% herself. I am not sure if she was coming down with the flu or just a 24 hour sickness but I know for a fact if you give your body what it needs and the time it will heal and repair itself.

Best of Blessings,


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